Rowena Zoro: site-specific and installation artist

Just added to the Cornwall Design Fair, some tantalising installation art by Rowena Zoro.

Rowena Zoro is a Site-Specific and Installation Artist specializing in large-scale mixed media work. Her work is dynamic, explorative and research based, providing an emotional response to a space or subject. It is also informative and educational.

When working in a site-specific way She believes it is important to be sensitive to the details of the space and the history of what has gone before, this inspires her concept and choice of materials. Believing strongly in ‘Material Resonance’ She is keen to link her work with human emotion and nature.

“I like my work to draw my audience in and give them an experience, sometimes making my work interactive. It is important to me that the audience can relate to my work and the story it tells”.

Rowena will be installing a piece of Site-Specific work in response to Trereife House for Cornwall Design Fair this year.