Round 2 for 2016 Design Fair Applications

Cornwall Design Fair 2016 is shaping up to be our best event yet. The move to a later date may have been the main driver in the submission of applications from exceptional designers that haven’t been able to make past years or it could just be our growing reputation in design fair excellence, but this year applications have set a new standard. Thanks to all for their entries.

However, we’ve been made aware that some people missed out on applying to the this year’s Design Fair, due to issues with our application form. Obviously it is very frustrating for those who missed out, especially with the confusion around the deadline. We would like to make this right and extend a second opportunity to them.

In fairness to those who have already applied, we are going to go ahead and process their applications for positions at this year’s design fair. However, we will reserving a percentage of the display space and perhaps increasing it, to start a second round of applications. expired domains . This round will start today and run to the end of May. Please see our application page for more information on how to apply.