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I’m beginning to think blogs are a bit like buses – you have to wait a while for one and then two show up together.  For the 2nd blog post today  I had a little nosey around Google to see who has been blogging about us and found some lovely reviews and pics of this year’s fair.  Take a look!

Fox-brooch-SILTriple-falling-leaves-panel-CopyFirstly from one of our first-time exhibitors Sharon McSwiney  – jeweller and metalsmith and maker  of beautiful quirky brooches and much more

















Particle Press and the Thousand Paper Cranes  who showcased their new line of products.  And, thankfully, baby didn’t put in an appearance!  Good luck for the coming weeks.








Record crowds lead the news at  local paper The Cornishman.

And of course  a lovely review from Dieneke Ferguson of Hidden Art,  who were the original sponsors of the Cornwall Design Fair in association with Falmouth University.

Rob Lewis and Peter Le Grice of Trereife Park took over full  management of Cornwall Design Fair  4 years ago and have worked hard to improve the fair year on year to give us 3 days of fabulous design, craft, food and fun.  Congratulations guys!  Roll on 2014!





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Rosie Sutcliffe

Guild of Ten Award for Innovation and Design in Making 2013

Congratulations to Rosie Sutcliffe,  this year’s winner of the Guild of Ten Award for Innovation and Design in Making. 
Rosie graduated from University College Falmouth in 2006 with a degree in Illustration. She lived and worked in Bristol for a number of years before returning to Cornwall in early 2012 to focus on her creative practice and take up the exciting opportunity to train as a glass blower with her father Malcolm Sutcliffe at his studio in Penryn. domain data Studio from outside
Whilst building on her skills as a glass maker she is currently using the technique of sandblasting to create fresh, clean, contemporary pieces and her background in illustration and design naturally feeds into this.
Nature is often a starting point for her designs, whether that be in a representational sense or patterns and shapes that occur in natural forms which can then be developed into something more abstract. Her ‘Drop Vases’ which have been designed for a single stem, focus on the colour and aesthetic of the glass itself with the emphasis on shape and the purity and subtle gradations of colour.
Rosie Sutcliffe



New beginnings

When Tim Lake sent news of his latest venture,  I could feel his excitement bouncing off the page.   He has opened a new workshop  at No. 13 Broad St, Penryn, where he makes and sells his pots.  You can meet Tim at the fair or visit him in Penryn when its all over!  View his work here.


Tim Lake

Tim Lake

Tim Lake

Tim Lake

Falmouth University Graduates

Cream of the crop

Falmouth University logo (2)Cornwall has long been known as a hotbed of creativity, and the current crop of  graduates from Falmouth University are leading the way.  We think it’s important  to support new and emerging makers and  the showcase of Falmouth students will include work from both BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts and BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design students from the University. Both courses at Falmouth have  well established reputations based on studio culture.

ND Display

This year’s Graduate exhibitors comprise of: Isatu Hyde, BA(Hons) 3D Design; Will Smithson, BA(Hons) 3D Design; Ruth Castellino, BA(Hons) 3D Design; Poppy Jane Lindsey, BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts; Tom McPhee, BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts; Anna Brimley, BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts; Presiana Shisheva, BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts and Emily Goodaker, BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts.

Poppy Jane Lindsey

Poppy Jane Lindsey

Tom McPhee

Tom McPhee



Presiana Shisheva

Presiana Shisheva











Presiana Shisheva – Is part of a group of Contemporary Crafts students at Falmouth University who have formed the SaltFox Collective, who were mentioned in the national newspaper The Guardian earlier this year. The article focused on how young artists have started grouping together to get themselves noticed.. SaltFox have been proactive in gaining exposure, having received funding from Ideas Tap to help fund an exhibition. They are continuing to set up in business together and are now running community workshops and projects in schools. You can follow them on their blog here:

Emily Goodaker

Emily Goodaker

Emily Goodaker was  part of a collaborative project between the Royal Cornwall Museum (RCM) in Truro and Contemporary Crafts students has resulting in a new collection of Cornish-themed, affordable objects available to the public in the Museum’s shop. Working with curators and staff at RCM, ten students undertook research into particular objects from the Museum’s collection. domain mentions . expired domains Their research led them to create a series of engaging objects based not only on the original museum piece but on broader ideas around the theme of Cornwall itself.

The full story and images of the students’ work on sale can be found here

It would seem that Cornwall’s creative heritage is set to continue and evolve into the 21st Century.  Check for creative courses at Falmouth University Clearing 2013





Driftwood Surfboards

Surf’s up







James Dowdell and David Forsyth are the creative duo behind Driftwood Surfboards.  They are returning to Cornwall Design Fair this year with  a live demonstration of a wooden surfboard being built.  They will also be showcasing their sustainable wooden boards and their latest range of handplanes which proved very popular last year.

Here’s what James has to say.   ‘We have been very busy recently trying to build some stock for this year, as last year was so busy!  We are really excited to be coming back to the Fair this year.

Since last year things have changed, we have just moved out of Dave’s garden shed and into a custom built workshop in Newquay so it’s exciting times at Driftwood.

!cid_7AF12D48-AD0C-4F29-91F8-67AD2117D8D8@HomeWe make wooden handplanes out of otherwise useless offcuts from the surfboard manufacturing process. You attach the handplane to your wrist, add a pair of flippers and go ‘bodysurfing’ on an outstretched hand. The plane’s surface area and shape raises you just above the water reducing drag and allows you to bodysurf more efficiently and  longer and have way more fun!

We have a range of 6 different handplane designs that are all named after flat fish and are great fun in the water for all the family. As far as we know no other company makes handplanes they way we do.

At Driftwood we combine traditional boat building principles and wood working techniques with cutting edge 3D CNC technology. One of our tag lines being, ‘Innovating the past to sustain the future’, we like to think of it as a sort of digital craft. The pictures  show the  handplanesrough outline of our handplanes being cut out on our CNC router, before being finished by hand.’ Check out this.

Come and meet James and David at their live demonstration, get there early for front row viewing!


Westside Stories

Go west young man, and his lady

Westside StoriesCornwall Design Fair welcomes new exhibitors Westside Stories.   Husband and wife team Adam and Laura, a  printmaker and writer, are  based in St Agnes, Cornwall.   They made the move from the fast paced world of advertising and animation in London to pursue their dream of a more creative, leisurely  life in Cornwall .

Laura is a poet and has a range of teatowels, bags and chopping boards which feature her witty ditties about life in Cornwall, all beautifully illustrated by  Leah Reeves.   Adam specialises in collograph prints of Cornish Landmarks such as Wheal Coates and Godrevy Lighthouse.  Find out more about them here.


Royal connections

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles and Camilla, are on their annual visit to Cornwall this week and have been out and about enjoying the sunshine.  Yesterday they met with craftspeople and surfers in Bude followed by a visit to  Little Harbour, the Children’s Hospice South West centre at Porthpean, St Austell where  Camilla congratulated the team  for making Little Harbour such a beautiful and special place.

During the evening Charles and Camilla attended a private reception at the Duchy Nurseries in Lostwithiel to celebrate Cornwall Crafts Association 40th Anniversary and meet with a few of our talented local designer-makers.

Esme Burton Jewellery7-£38Esme Burton, a jeweller from Penzance,  was there and here’s what she has to say, “The Duke & Duchess of Cornwall, made the time to talk to each member for a few minutes, and I was honoured to “show & tell” a piece from my rose gold & ruby collection.  Prince Charles asked, among other things, what makes the red in this gold alloy,  and I explained it was the increase in the copper content. We went on to discuss the importance of friendship and support within a craft career.”   Esme is exhibiting for the second time at the Cornwall Design Fair this year where she may tell you more!


Esme was joined by a few other designer-makers you may recognise, including Margot Hartley, jeweller from Lostwithiel, who counts Camilla as one of her customers.

Holly Young, milliner and last year’s winner of the Guild of Ten Award, also met with our Duke and Duchess although Holly is no stranger to royalty!  This year she collaborated with Jane Taylor producing couture one off hats for celebrity clients and members of the Royal family for Royal Ascot.  Holly is now part of the wedding collective, Princes House of Truro, and met the royals along with fellow members Victoria Walker and Mirri Damer , award winning  jewellers,  who have also previously exhibited at Cornwall Design Fair.

So many royal connections, perhaps I had better start perfecting my curtsey!    If you were at this celebration evening  – why not share your story and pictures? what is cloud . Urdu phrases .